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These are my thoughts after watching “After Life” series

If you’ve had the privilege to run through the Netflix’s After Life Season 2, written by and starring Ricky Gervais, guess you’ve learned and discovered how short life can be, right? And while it’s so easy to simply just say: “Make the most out of it”, very often, if not all the time, we do struggle with the understanding of what “the most” is, correct?

As much as it can be everything, we somewhat grapple, during our lifetime, to pinpoint and consume the most essential rules that will govern and control the quality of our human cycle and our own narrative. Therefore, often we judge, I do. Frequently, we are passive and sluggish, I am. We clearly know how to be cynical and sarcastic, because that is much easier than, to be honest, and respectful to others. And sometimes, but hopefully not very often, we are not fair. Sometimes, I am not, too. The list goes on and on.

But as long as we are aware of ourselves, our existence and our intentions toward others, there’s room to debug and improve, you know? Every day, if not every minute, we have a chance to start. TO START. To start doing good things that will make us feel warm and fuzzy inside, reliable and of worth. And that feeling is immeasurable, unique and above all, true.

You don’t need to ask someone what to do, because when you do something invaluable, you already knew that it was a shit thing to do, so next time just don’t do it and do the opposite. Also, if you didn’t do something, but you had to, you are aware of the fact that you neglected a person if not yourself too. So next time, step up, rise above and do it. In most of the cases, it’s simple things that bother us and interfere with our goals and wishes.

We all have our place in this life. But we’re merely actors, so hopefully, our acts will contribute, because without contribution there’s no prize, nothing to claim. And we could deserve so much. I guess I just wanted to say that whatever dark you’re retaining, already a small beam of light will start making that dark vanish, I can promise you that. We are all broken in a way, but that’s how the light gets in.

Question yourself, before everything you do. Then you’ll know exactly what to do, that’s a proven fact.

Sorry for such a long post, but…

…I was simply pouring my thoughts out because the show reminded me to take more care of myself and the others. That’s always a good start. Also, in a way, Ricky’s alter ego somehow evoked pleasant memories of my childhood. I had all the love and attention of my parents as he did. That was my luck, I guess. Now I know how to give that same love and care to my kids and my wife too. I’m grateful for knowing what to do and how to do it, don’t even need to question myself.

If you expected me to provide you with all the answers and directions, this was already a waste of time. Sorry about that. “After Life” will remind you to say I love you often. It will teach you that it’s ok to be sad and to cry. And I guarantee you’ll find out it’s so important to pour your heart out and say good things not to lose people you care about. It’s rarely useful to wait for the right moment because very often the right moment is right now. People will come and go, grasp at them while they are around.

It will be easy before it gets harder, so don’t wait. Hopefully, these words will make you do at least one good thing. Start with yourself, life will follow along.

Have a great day. My name is Kristijan Janusic, I’ll be around for quite some time, stay close.