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Snapchat Rules and You’re Missing it. Here’s a Few Good Reasons Why You Should Be Present on Snapchat Today.

Social media are not something new. They’ve been present on the Internet for more than a decade now, but it seems that they have reached record high popularity in the last couple of years. People of all ages, genders, nationalities and people with different interests are signing up on a wide range of social media for different reasons. At the same time, many entrepreneurs and business owners are trying to take advantage of the popularity of social media. While it is true that there are a few well-established social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it is also true that every year we are witnessing the emergence of many other networks like this. Some of them, like Snapchat for example, have a great potential.


In case you didn’t know, Snapchat is a mobile app and social media platform based on multimedia and image messaging. The story behind Snapchat is similar to the story of Facebook – it was created by a group of college friends. This app was introduced in 2011 and it soon became one of the fastest growing apps on the market. According to some statistics, Snapchat has more than 100 million users, active on a daily basis. Besides the incredible popularity of this application and social media platform, we have created a list of few other good reasons why you should be on Snapchat.

It attracts the younger generation


This is a regular occurrence for relatively new social media platforms. Namely, in their beginning, they always attract the younger generation because young Internet users are prepared to try new things more frequently than older users. According to some reports, almost half of Snapchat users are between the age of 18 and 24 while 30% are between 25 and 34 years old. So, in case you are targeting this category of people you should definitely take Snapchat into account.

The platform is still not “occupied” by businesses

It doesn’t really matter in which industry you are working; there is a great chance that your direct competition will be low on Snapchat. Most businesses have still not figured out how they can benefit from using Snapchat. So, if you are looking for social media exposure then you must use Snapchat. Think about the ways in which you can integrate snaps in your marketing and social media campaigns. There are few established brands that had great success on Snapchat, so follow their example.

A platform that is changing all the time

Another good reason why you should join Snapchat now is the fact that this platform is changing, growing and evolving all the time. It is much easier to understand how to use Snapchat to your advantage in case you start building your profile on this network right now. Your competition will find it difficult to adjust to the changes if they sign up later. On top of that, this application has many features which are upgraded and updated all the time.

Offers available for a short period of time

Experienced business owners think outside of the box and using Snapchat for business purposes is a great way to express their creativity. As we all know, Snapchat allows posting images and videos that are short-lived. Many businesses use this publishing option to provide time-sensitive deals. It looks like many people are attracted when they see a time-sensitive offer and the fact that you can spread this message and offer to millions of users at once makes this activity even more useful and exciting. In other words, Snapchat is a platform that guarantees the high return of investment.

High level of engagement


Start using Snapchat now. Don’t miss out.

Many entrepreneurs have realized that popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook provide a low level of engagement. This is quite natural because there are so many fake profiles and heavy advertising on Facebook that makes ordinary Facebook users suspicious to every new post they find in their news feed. They are less excited than before when they see some status update. This is not the case with Snapchat. Namely, this platform promises an engagement level of up to 75%.

Geo-filters options


Could Snapchat Geofilters be the Advertising of the Future?

Snapchat has a geofilter feature that became available a year after the initial release of this platform. However, in the past, this geofilters were not available to ordinary users. The good news is that not while ago, Snapchat management has decided to allow sponsored Geofilters option to business users trying to strengthen their brands during conferences, business events, and other occasions. According to many experts, this is an excellent move by Snapchat because it allows users to increase the awareness of their brand (be it personal or business) even if they are not active on Snapchat on a daily basis.

One-on-one communication

Let’s be clear, Snapchat can’t replace a standard customer service feature on your website, but it can still be used for one-on-one communication with potential and existing clients. Not while ago, Snapchat introduced an option for making video and voice calls in the app. Of course, the options to communicate with clients on Facebook and Twitter are greater, but this is just a beginning and as we have already mentioned, Snapchat is always evolving.

Snapchat as a human resources department

As already mentioned, 3 out of 4 Snapchat users are younger than 34. This means that this platform can be used as a place for recruitment of fresh graduates. A good idea to use this opportunity is to rely on the Geofilters focused on specific college campuses. They can attract new grads to check your company’s offer. You can also ask applicants using your company’s website to Snap you about the reasons why they are interested in your company. In this way, you will show that your company is always following the latest trends and that you care about people’s opinion.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the reasons why you should start using Snapchat ASAP!

No, we still can't be using Snapchat on our computers. Mobile only :-)

Nope. For now, mobile only :-)

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