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JUST ENTREPRENEURIAL STUFF: Once you stop thinking too much, success will follow

You know what a turning point is, right? Well if not, it’s a specific event in life that changed you and affected your way of thinking — forever. Hopefully, you’ve only encountered a few of those, because too many could turn your life into one big mess.

As for me, there were 7–8 turning points that seriously affected me, but one that got me to the core outshines all of those. I’ll tell you more about it in a bit, because it might teach you something I wish I had known. Actually, I promise it’ll make a difference for you, as it did for me here at the Storyboard Agency.

I’m not a man of quotes and motivational, poetic messages; but I do have a thing for Japanese literature and strategic way of thinking — therefore I’ll quote Mr. Murakami by saying: “When you come out of a storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what the storm is about.”

So, I’ve learned that as the time goes by and as I become wiser, the more I realize how little I know and how only a few things really matter. Soon enough, anyway, it will all end, and you don’t get to take anything with you — but your true self.

I think that by now you realize I’m not a poet. Sorry, but this can’t be helped, so bear with me.

As far as I can remember, I was always distracted by biblical questions like:“Who am I?”, “What’s my purpose?” or “Why am I here?”. I remember the day when I simply stopped this great search for even greater answers — and started enjoying all the little things and simply experiencing life. Ironically, that was the first day of the rest of my life.

I STOPPED OVERTHINKING and focused only on doing. My only mantra was: “I’ll do it now”.

I know and see how many of you out there are wasting who knows how much time seeking for answers to the most popular questions like: “How to succeed, 10 ways to reach happiness, how to get rich fast, how to get rid of stress…”

Oh I do understand you as I’ve been there and done almost all of that, but here’s the thing; one day you’ll glance back at your life and learn you’ve found the answers you searched for. But like me, you’ll also realize that you didn’t find them by asking a lot of questions. Let me explain.

Everything that surrounds us is very basic and can’t be more simple than this: we learn by trial and error, by troubleshooting and with survival instincts as we experience things by making choices. We learn lessons from bad ones and build experience, skill sets and gain confidence from good ones. Trust me, there are no shortcuts to success and nothing good will ever come from waiting for a miracle to happen by itself.

I could find several reasons not to publish or recommend this post, but I will firmly state the following: Self-help books, seminars and life coaches will not provide the answers because the answers are not out there. There’s only one answer and the answer lies within yourself and it’s called: A DECISION TO PERFORM.

Entrepreneurs do not overthink, they simply make a decision and go with it whatever the outcome.


On a final note, carve this into your mind: always seek new opportunities, don’t hate your mistakes but learn from them, use your passion at all times, trust yourself, your mindset is awesome, never stop trying and always embrace challenges. These rules apply both to your personal and professional life. And we’re teaching this here at the Storyboard Agency. 

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If you’re flexible and open-minded, your projects and your career will be well on its way before you know it. I’m glad I was able to tell you this story, hopefully, you’ll get the best out of it. And if you have something to add you can always drop a few words HERE.

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My name is Kristijan Janusic; I’m a copywriter, video producer and a very proud father to Korina. Same as Ana, she is my forever-muse.